Unlike other works on Captivus Septemcastrensis alias George of Hungary, a Dominican monk, the present paper proves his temporary conversion to Islam during the twenty years of captivity in the Ottoman state. This is why in writing his Tractatus de moribus, condicionibus et nequicia Turcorum, being ashamed of his Ottoman past, the author did not mention in any way his change of religious faith. In order to eliminate any suspicion of temporary apostasy, George of Hungary overdid his unflinching Catholic faith, although as an Ottoman captive he officiated at an Anatolian mosque, preached in the presence of his neighbours, of errant dervishes and of other suphis, had a wide knowledge of popular Islam, and was very close to the Mevlevi Order.


Captivus Septemcastrensis; Dominican monk; Ottoman captivity; conversion to Islam; Mevlana Djelal al-Din Rumi;

Est-ce que Georges de Hongrie alias Captivus Septemcastrensis ait passé à l’Islam ?