Daniel David


The paper presents the general context of the birth process of the monographic book: The Psychology of the Romanians. The Psychological Profile of the Romanians, based on fragments from the book (David, 2015). After a brief analysis of the history of the field and the research methodology, I formulate some of the main conclusions of the monographic book, derived from a cognitive and empirical approach in a cross-cultural framework.
Acknowledgments: The paper is an English version – with some minor changes to reflect the new publication context – of a previous publication in Revista de Politica Științei și Scientometrie (David, 2015a). I thank Liviu Fodor, Ph.D. candidate, for translating the previous publication into the present English version and the editor and the press (i.e., INOE Publishing House) for allowing me to translate the previous publication. Keywords: Psychology of Romanians, Overview, Critical analysis.

The Birth Process of the Monographic Book: The Psychology of the Romanian People. The Psychological Profile of the Romanians. The Challenge of Constantin Rădulescu-Motru