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Mircea-Gheorghe Abrudan

From the University of Cluj and the Romanian Academy to Communist Prisons: The Arrest (5–6 May 1950) and Incarceration (May 1950 – July 1955) of Historian Ioan Lupaș (1880–1967)

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Florin-Laurenţiu Bucur

Literacy Efforts of Transylvanian Society in the Years before the Great War. The Case of Transylvanian Soldiers Enlisted in the Austro- Hungarian Armed Units

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Gheorghe Cliveti

Le congrès de Berlin et l’indépendance de la Roumanie

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Ela Cosma

Documentary Heritage Collections Edited by the Institute of History from Cluj (1920–2022)

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Daniela Deteșan

Le divorce chez les Roumains orthodoxes au sud de la Transylvanie dans la deuxième moitié du XIXe siecle

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Francesco Frizzera

Italian-Speaking Austrian Citizens on the Eastern Front (1914–1918). Exploring the East in Autobiographical Writings

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Romanian Students from Transylvania at European Universities. University as Educational Ideal (15–17th Centuries)

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Reviews and Bibliographical Notes
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Volume LXI, No. 1-4, 2022

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