This historiographical approach of a very complex topic, especially concerning the recognition of the Romania՚s Independence at the Congress of Berlin, in 1878, involved a very intensive investigation of the documentary sources and an accurate evaluation of the literature in the field of the international relations, for a significant moment of those. Primarily, it was important to be elucidated the “congressional refreshing event” that, after the Russian-Turkish peace of San Stefano, the diplomatic forum in Berlin adopted an agenda of deliberations entirely contrary to the Russian expectations. The manner of the deliberations reflected the urgency of some international issues. Besides the diplomatic deliberations, formal, of course, in the plenum of the Congress, there were initiated many casual discussions conducting to the special consents among two or more of the Great Powers. The question of the Romania՚s Independence involved both involved congressional deliberations, and consensual discussions in some commissions, concerning the civil rights inside the Principality, and the cession by this small State of the southern Bessarabia to Russia. The same question was connected to some others, as that of the European Commission of the Danube, that of the navigation on the great River, that of the Bulgarian frontiers etc. Finally, it was important to be revealed the diplomatic reasons which were involved by a tough conditional recognition of Romania՚s Independence, at Congress of Berlin.


The Congress of Peace, the congrational formal deliberations, the casual discussions in some commissions, the recognition of Romania՚s Independence, the value of the Treaty of Berlin, the Concert of Europe.